Platinum Pages

These pages - our own small version of yellow pages - are meant to help PP owners find a range of useful general information and local trades and professions which should enhance living here at PP.

The recommendations are in addition to the list of emergency contact and useful numbers supplied by Ross and Liddell.

The links and contact numbers are based on recommendations from PP owners.

If you wish to give us feedback, positive or negative, it would help the committee manage this section of the PPOA website. We know that businesses open and close, change hands and suffer changes in performance which we need you to tell us about.

Should you have any recommendations for businesses or activities not reflected on this site, please let us know.

We are conscious there are gaps in this list, so amendments to our existing contact details and recommendations for new entries in all categories would be appreciated.

General Information

Edinburgh Council [switchboard] 0131 200 2000
Police (Scotland) Leith Police Office
Queen Charlotte Street
In an emergency always dial 999
For non-urgent crime you can contact your local police office by telephoning 101
Noisy Neighbours - contact noise control Availability by phone
Call "101" 24 hours / 7 days a week when the noise is happening.
For advice / information call 0131 5293030:
  • Monday - Thursday 8:30am to 5pm
  • Friday 8:30am to 3:40pm
Gas Leak 0800 111 999
Electrical Power Cut 0845 272 7999